Services We Offer

Dementia Care


There are 750,000 people with dementia in the UK. By 2021 there will be over 940,000 people living with dementia and this will soar to 1.7 million by 2050.

These are not just statistics; they represent millions of families with loved ones who require special care, both at home and in nursing homes.

If you are struggling to care for a loved one with dementia it is important to remember you are not alone. Almost 2,000 families like yours have trusted Carers to provide one-on-one home care for loved ones with Alzheimer's disease and related dementias.

Alzheimer's and dementia care training

Major Oak Carers complete a training programme delivered by the Alzheimer's society This means our carers, get the very best advice and guidance, in turn, you can be assured your loved one is getting the very best care 

  • Maintain a safe environment 
  • Manage changing behaviour 
  • Provide nutritious meals 
  • Provide mind-stimulating activities
  • Create social interaction
  • Supervise daily activities

Palliative Care


Our expertly trained palliative care team have all received specialist end of life training, we understand the need to listen to individuals, and always ensure, empathetic compassionate care.


We aim to improve the quality of life, support the individual and their loved ones. Knowing when to listen, when to talk, and when to stay silent,  providing comfort, continuous support and reassurance in helping a dying person to experience the death he or she wants.


We can also provide all the practical help needed, with laundry, cleaning

This kind of support can range from:


  • Nutrition and diet
  • washing and dressing
  • Laundry 
  • Shopping
  • Medication collection  
  • Cleaning 
  • Gardening 

Convalecent Care


Our experience and research tell us that recovery rates at home are better than in a hospital, and the reality is that most people are keen to return home. Our live-in convalescent carers offer the best possible way to recuperate after a period of illness, or following an operation.


Our live-in carers meet the needs of each individual client. For many people, the level of care they receive at home, with a 24/7 live-in carer, will enhance the speed and quality of recovery. 


It is also easier to achieve an earlier discharge from hospital if you have a 24-hour live-in carer organised to provide the level of help and care needed to ensure a safe recovery.


For a family member who needs the highest level of attention, a live-in carer is a great choice. With a dedicated presence 24/7, you can be confident that your elder family member is in safe hands and this is the peace of mind which can only be experienced with round-the-clock care.

Home Help Services


Collect prescriptions

Provide light housekeeping

Dusting and vacuuming

Help with washing and ironing

Make beds and change bed linen

Organise wardrobes and cupboards

Take out rubbish

Meal preparation and tidy away

Check food expiry dates

Supervise home maintenance

Oversee home deliveries

Care for houseplants

Assist with pet care

Prepare shopping lists

Help with general shopping

Grass Cutting

Light Gardening 

Companionship Services


Offer companionship and conversation

Arrange appointments

Help with travel arrangements

Stimulate mental awareness

Escort to appointments

Assist with clothing selection

Assist with entertaining

Help with reading

Participate in hobbies and crafts

Monitor diet and eating

Buy magazines, papers and books

Rent and play films

Plan visits, outings and trips

Visit neighbours and friends

Accompany to lunch or dinner

Attend plays or concerts

Attend club meetings and sporting events

Record family history

Discuss current/historical events

Reminisce about the past



We have access to our own therapists that can deliver a range of rehabilitation for diverse conditions.


Music Therapy is a very successful treatment for dementia / Alzheimer’s Our therapists will also help will other forms of cognitive therapy, putting memory packs together for favourite hobbies, easy but adult jigsaws. We also have a range of products we can access from our high-quality dementia care supplier.


We have links with an excellent physiotherapist and he advises our staff with regards to noncomplex treatments Complex treatment we can arrange for a home visit or convey you to the therapy centre.


For dietary and nutritional advice, we have some advice on our website from our consultant nutritionist Sophie. Should you require a personal consultation this can be arranged.